Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Right now we are a single car family.  This means that when D is at work I am usually at home (our town is not very public transportation friendly and we are smack dab in the burbs).  But today my mom (L's Babka) came to visit.  It's a nice change to have visitors and to go wherever I want to go, yet I still very much enjoy staying home - L and I are often content to have each other to ourselves.  Here are some photos of the day.

Let's just sleep in a little longer.

Good morning!

 Bath time.

A trip to babies r us to exchange some glass bottles for plastic (future daycare has plastic only rules) 

Napping in one of the cute outfits Babka brought. 

Got a pedicure - hard to tell in the pic, but it's a dark inky blue with some sparkle to it.

All tuckered out after nursing.

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