Sunday, October 31, 2010

10 Things I'm Loving Right Now

I have been asked by a few people about which baby products I prefer or have found really helpful, and in the moment nothing came to mind- yay for sleep deprivation.  After some sleep and a quick inventory of what I use the most, I came up with this list.

1. iphone 4- This is number one for a reason, it serves so many functions; allows me to obsessively take pics, record video to document his milestones, entertain myself while nursing, has access to baby related apps, check my emails, send texts, listen to music....I could go on.  Recently I was stuck in stopped traffic alone with L, he began screaming and nothing I did would calm him down.  Granted there are very few things one can do from the front drivers seat when baby is in a rear facing car seat secured to the middle back seat.  If I reached my farthest I was able to touch his cheek.  But as much as I was amazed at the flexibility of my arm and reach-L wasn't very impressed.  He continued to cry, I called D trying to maintain some sanity.  Finally I turned Pandora on my iphone, to the lullaby station (L's favorite).  Shortly after L calmed down and fell asleep.  Pandora is awesome btw.  

2.  Fleurville diaper bag- I got the Re-Run Hanna (for about half the price on amazon).  This was not our original diaper bag, prior to this we had a messenger style from a different brand.  It never closed right, the strap was uncomfortable, and I found myself complaining about it every time we went any where.  Finally D said, "just buy another one if your gonna complain every tine."  So I did! What I was looking for was a zipper close, moderate size, durable strap, and just a bag I didn't have to fuss with. This one fits the bill, and it has a nice pattern.

3. Waterproof multi-use pads- I got these at my mom's suggestion and we use them all the time!  They go great on top of the diaper changing table- prevents the need to wash your changing pad cover every time there's a messy change.  We also use them as portable changing pads so at night we can change him right there in our bed and not worry about messing up the sheets.  They are even great for giving L naked diaper free time.

4. Vitamin D drops- Our pediatrician recommended that we supplement vitamin D to L since we are exclusively breast feeding.  Apparently not a lot of vitamin D transfers through breast milk, there's research supporting most Americans have a deficit of Vitamin D, and winter/rain is about to be upon us.  Here is a good blog post about it by an RD.  Most vitamin D supplements for infants come with added ingredients we didn't want to give L, or the ones that came free of those ingredients were oil like and he wouldn't take them.  But then we found Baby D Drops.  It take one drop to give you recommended amount of vitamin D, and you can put it directly on your nipple (L doesn't even notice it), or in a bottle- without worrying about flavor change.

5. Bouncer - Although he wouldn't sleep in it in the beginning, it now allows me to take a shower and watch him at the same time.  I think some sort of "seat" is a must have for the moments when you can't carry/wear your infant.  

6. Boppy - I use this for most nursing sessions at home.  I have heard the breastfriend is better, but I got a Boppy and have found it does what I need it to do- help me prop up L for easier nursing.  I usually have to use some extra pillows to prop it exactly how I want it, and at night we just use regular pillows in the bed.  So the boppy isn't perfect but I use it  A LOT, definitely worth the money.  I can also prop L in it- like while I am getting a wrap or sling on.

7. Babywearing- I wear L at least 80% of my waking hours.  It's been enormously helpful with L wanting to be held all the time, and me still wanting to be able to get a few things done.  Like right now (L in my Sakura Bloom Ring Sling) :

I currently also have the Babyhawk & Mobywrap. Mei tai's and ring slings are a lot easier to use on the go then wraps, and L seems to go through phases of which carrier he prefers- right now it's the ring sling.  We also have an Ergo, but will be using that when he is a little bigger.  I personally don't like taking L in his car seat or stroller while running errands.  The car seat is heavy and I can never get comfortable carrying it. The stroller is fine (if L will be in it without crying), but some places aren't convenient for a stroller (either allowable space or terrain).  Being able to be hands free and hold L close is awesome.

8. Dr. Sears Baby Book- I love that this book really fits with how I want to parent.  It also has a lot of information that has been immensely helpful with understanding L.  It goes from newborn to toddler so I see us referring back to it for years to come.

9. APNO - This should be given to every nursing mother with early nipple injuries. It stands for "all purpose nipple ointment" and was formulated by Dr. Newman

10. A Good Support System- Having a supportive partner and family members has been BIG DEAL to me. Having D be present with L is a life saver.  D changes diapers, wears down L at night, and gives me breaks when I am about to loose my mind.  L has a hard time falling asleep with me sometimes because he only wants to be nursed to sleep. With D he doesn't smell the milk so he allows to be soothed in other ways. My mom has also been a great help; running errands, cleaning, laundry, and helping out with L.  D's mom is going to babysit L on our first date night since his's not till Nov 30th, hopefully I will be ready to leave him.  And we have been extremely fortunate with hand-me-downs.  My Dad just had another boy, so my step mom and him have been very generous.  We really don't need to buy clothes for L for a long time, that doesn't stop me though...

And having a good support system is more then just help with the day to day, I have to say it's also important to be surrounded by people who support you with the way you want to parent.  

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