Monday, October 25, 2010


As a mother of a newborn, good sleep has been hard to come by.  L could have been described as "high needs baby" (see Dr. Sears).  He hated being put down, hated having his diaper changed, and couldn't sleep without a lot of assistance-mainly from the boob. Oh and forget about putting him to bed.  Not even all those amazing baby products meant to ease infants to sleep worked-he could not be tricked!

Bouncer-NOPE, Pacifier-NOPE, Swing-NOPE, Swaddling-NOPE, Sleep Sheep (white Noise)-NOPE

The list could go on...Ultimately nursing, babywearing, walking while holding, and cosleeping were the only things that worked.  If you notice, those all require effort and energy from Mom and Dad-yes even nursing and cosleeping, at least in the beginning before you get a system going.  So restful sleep hasn't really happened in this house for a while.  I personally have nothing against cosleeping and think it's really beneficial-and necessary for us-but we got this awesome thing called the Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper, see below.

Obviously thats not a picture of us-the bedroom is pretty outdated-but what really gives it away is that they are using it!  So to the get point of this post....we hadn't been able to use our cosleeper due to L's preferences-he slept in the nook of my arm, often with my nipple in his mouth-ouch! Not only are my nipples suffering but I'm sore from the positions I have to be in.  Well, last night L turned 2 months (happy birthday L), and for the first time slept in the cosleeper for what I consider a good chunk of time-almost 3 hrs!  I was so excited that it was finally happening; giddy that my little guy was able to feel secure sleeping away from the boob, relieved I could now sleep in whatever position I wanted, but also anxious this bliss could end at any moment, that I couldn't fall asleep!  So what I anticipated would put an end to the crap sleep ended up causing me to be very sleep deprived today....the energy and focus it's taken me to write this is unheard of.

But here's to hoping that L will continue to blossom as a slightly more independent sleeper.  And of course, I took a picture of him sleeping in it.

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