Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Lorax

I grew up with Dr. Seuss stories - my favorite book was Green Eggs and Ham....till I read The Lorax. It even became a little cartoon which my brother and I loved.  My brother even dressed up as the Lorax for multiple Halloweens.  It has a great message that is definitely still applicable today (about the environment and materialism), if not more so, and it is so creatively told.  

Anyways, it's now becoming an animated film.  Danny DeVito will be the voice of the Lorax and Ed Helms as the Once-ler (he made thneeds-things everyone needs!).  Betty White, Zac Efron, and Rob Riggle also provide voices.  I'm really excited that my son will get to enjoy and learn from this story in a more modern animated film (I imagine the original will be dull to his generation).  More info here.

The image of Lorax to be used in the film.
Looks like we will have to wait till March 2012 to see the 3D animated film. :(

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