Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What to do with Instagram photos?

Put them up on the wall!

Finally something above the piano.  I had a lot of our instagram photos printed out from Printstagram
The quality is pretty good, some of the photos were really grainy but we figured out those we ones that we sent from D's phone and then put in instagram- so basically the quality was lowered by texting it over to my phone.  We used small nails and some gray sewing thread I had laying around.  To attach the photos I used mini clothes pins.  They were left over in my craft box from our wedding, purchased them from paper source.  I like that it was an affordable solution to such a large space. I had most of the stuff on hand, but even if I didn't thread, nails, and those pins would be less then $10.  I can also change out the pictures whenever I feel like, which is nice since I like to re-evaluate things around the house.

Here is a non instagram photo of it, less grainy…

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