Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Life Lately

Here's L, dodging his way through the play structure.  L has really been a joy to go places with, he is playing so nicely with there kids, I have almost healed from all the scars of the constant hitting and being "that kids mom".  It's as if he is finally cognitively able to understand the discipline, and he is starting to really like other kids- there was a time he really just liked adults.  He started soccer last week which was AWESOME!  He adored his coach.

Now you may be wondering why D and I look exhausted in the pic below- well keep scrolling and you will see a floor!  Over two late nights D and I (mostly D) tiled and grouted a new kitchen floor.  As with any DIY project, there were some hiccups (like some of the tiles purchased had been returned with dried thin set on them, aka ruining them).  But its done, now we move on to the stair nose and more finishing touches.  I do want a carpet in the kitchen, the tile while beautiful and nice solid, will mean that anything dropped will shatter.  I'm a bit anxious about that.  If money hadn't been any issue, we would have gone with wood.  Hardwood wins every time for me (except in bathrooms).

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