Tuesday, April 8, 2014


We finally got around to grouting our kitchen backsplash!  We went with the subways tiles from Lowe's (22 cents a tile), and the grout they sell in "Silver".  The grout is exactly the color we were hoping for.  It could have been a disaster since we decide to go purchase the grout with both kids….and the dog!  And of course as we enter the tile aisle, they shut it down to pull some heavy things off the shelves.  So yeah, waiting with two young kids and a dog isn't fun.  The kids were great, we survived, but once in the aisle our dog puked!  We immediately cleaned it up- no thanks to the lows employee!  Worst attitude by an employee ever- she was heavily sighing as we asked for some paper towels and stating we were sorry and would immediately clean it up.  She said she couldn't get paper towels, she was a bit busy.  D ran to the bathroom and grabbed some.  But yeah, so we just grabbed a gray grout and left ASAP- it was a good choice.

I'm not sure if we will seal the grout- anyone have thoughts?  It will change the gray to be darker, which could be ok.  If it will save the grout from stains and help it hold up I am open to it.  D and I have come a long way with our DIY skills- practice makes perfect, so all the previous tile jobs set us up to do this one pretty quick.  Now I'm longing to do our kitchen floor- oh and both bathrooms.

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