Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Well it finally happened- the whole family got sick.  Probably not the flu since the fevers were low grade or absent (in D at least), but a nasty cold hit our home last week and is still taking us down.  I'm back at work, but my chest is wheezy and achy and the couch is lingering.  Besides that most of my energy is finally back, L is much better (because he is off the hook whiney when he is sick!), and E & D seem to be healing as well.

Having two kids when everyone is sick, and one of those kids being L is soooo hard!  L became quite intense, needy with this cold and all of my reserves were depleted on my own sickness and taking care of E.  Needless to say I didn't win any awards for best mom, or great parenting.  Thankfully it will be over soon and we can get back to being a better version of ourselves aka, healthy.

I am really proud of myself for not getting crap while sick.  When I get any upper respiratory infection or frankly any illness, I despise veggies, especially fresh one, and crave comfort foods, carby, sweet, starches.  This time I had some mild cravings but they were manageable and I just continued eating real meat/eggs/veggies/fruits/nuts foods and I think that contributed to me not getting as sick as I could have and not having much nasal congestion- dairy and sweets cause me to get "stuffy".

You may be noticing that I haven't posted a picture on here in a while- it's because I'm a bit lazy and a bit too busy.  I used to avoid blogging because I didn't have the time to make a nice looking post with pictures, but then I decided I wanted to post and really the words and my process are the most important, not how entertaining it looks.  Ideally I will start posting pictures again, but I'm still getting my footing with being a working mom of two who's fiercely committed to eating really food and being on top of my life (by life I mean my own behaviors/responses to the world).

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