Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Journey to Wellness

The title sounds epically cheesy, but thats where I find myself right now.  It's been about 4 weeks of making major changes in my diet and exercise plans and I find myself on a journey to wellness.  What I'm doing is ditching grains, sugar, processed food.  I'm eating meats, bone broth, veggies galore, some fruits, nuts and but butters, fats, and the occasional treat like dark chocolate/red wine.  I would say I am about 90/10 or 95/5 with treats. This has been surprisingly easy since the treats make me feel like crap.
 I'm not trying to run 4 days a week any more, just doing some short weight/body resistant exercises, walking more, and occasionally running.

What are the changes I have seen so far?  Lets start with the physical:


I have lost about 3-5 lbs.  Now I give a range because it fluctuates, and honestly I am not too sure I even care to look at lb loss, you'll see why in the next few points.  My clothes are getting much looser, I have more muscle definition (but guess what, I'm barely even working out! Oh the horror!!!!), I have lost at least 1.5 inches off my waist (I didn't start checking this till a few weeks in, so I believe it would be more), I feel more stable/solid when doing exercises or movements that require balance.  I also notice I have more consistent energy level.  It doesn't mean I never get tired, I still drink coffee in the morning.  But I don't have the drastic ups and downs I used to have when eating grains.  I also have little to no stomach discomfort.  Now I have never been someone who suffered from major stomach issues or IBS, but I didn't realize how much better it could be till changing my diet.  I am now incredible sensitive to eating foods that are not good for me- I had a small amount of dark chocolate and green beans (which are actually legumes), one of them does not agree with me- will have to experiment to see which at a later time.

Now the more important ones that make doing and sticking to this so easy, psychological changes.


Almost immediately I noticed improved mood, more consistent mood, more energy, clearer thinking (literally felt like my thoughts had slowed down), and this has made sticking to the diet changes so easy.  When you suffer for long enough and finally come out of it, the fear of going back can be incredibly motivating.  So does this mean that I am always incredibly happy go lucky and never feel upset or down?  No, but overall I am happier, I can recognize what brings about changes in my mood, besides just randomly (well probably not randomly, but blood sugar or diet related) feeling bad.  I am much less anxious, my BP is less reactive.  I have always had a pretty sensitive BP, white coat syndrome, etc.  I had to go to the Dr twice about 2 weeks into the diet changes and obviously was anxious (though not as intense as in the past) and my BP was fantastic, better then it had been when I weighed 15 lbs less and exercised A LOT.  What do you think about them apples!?!  I was impressed.


D and I and E (we always try to include L) eat all our meals together (when we are home), prepare our meals together at home, and actually enjoy/discuss our food together while eating it.  It seems like even though we are buying more expensive foods- organic, grass-fed, whole foods, we are saving a significant amount of money by not eating out often, and by often I mean maybe 1 meal a week we grabbed some chipotle.

My biggest sadness/frustration/hurdle right now is L's diet.  I am not sure how to even begin his transition.  So he's incredibly smart, strong willed, and sensitive and has a love for grains, breads, pastas, cakes, cookies.  He literally dreams about his birthday cake Babka made and wakes up telling me about it.  Chocolate is his life blood-ha!  Often times he refuses anything remotely whole food like and then has terrible behavior because he is hungry.  I have been debating trying gluten free options with him first, and of course we continue to offer our real and healthy foods- without much success at all.  I know how powerful food can be for children, and his behavior clearly changes for the worse when he is given a bunch of sugar.  I don't plan to have him never eat grains or sugar while out at a birthday party or in school during snack, but I want him to eat well when he is with us, which is a lot of the time.  I think I'm struggling because I don't want to be the "bad guy" and create issues of control around food.  Words of wisdom on this appreciated.

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