Friday, August 10, 2012

5 Miles for 4 Years

Yesterday D and I ran 5 miles, it was also our 4 year anniversary.  It was a good run; I initially doubted I would make it 5 due to having a sick toddler keeping me up the night before and being exhausted.  But after about 2 miles it got easier and I even sprinted the last mile.  Ee did it on treadmills, which makes it much more of an accomplishment.  The treadmills at the YMCA are wonderful, they have great shock absorbency and in comparison our home treadmill seems dangerous with just plywood under the belt.  We are selling it by the way- it's a good treadmill, served me very well and got me into running.  But we don't run at home very much any more, and the YMCA membership offers childcare and a pool, family we never use it any more.

After the run we rested a bit at home and then I went to work.  I had a few clients that evening- overall I am getting a lot more clients and the practice is filling up almost to what I want as my maximum.  L went to stay with Babka while D and I went out to dinner.  It was a very nice restaurant with a michelin star...and the prices to go with it.  But we figured for not being able to take a vacation or a couple days away, it was well worth it.

Of course since L had been sick, I had to finally come down with what he had.  So at some point during our dinner I noticed a scratchy throat, head ache, and overall fatigue.  It progressed and I am still nursing this mild flu/cold today.

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