Monday, July 9, 2012

30 before 30

I forget to do this after my birthday (so one is already completed).  Last year I didn't accomplish a few keys things, but hopefully this year I can get back on track.

1. Throw L's 2 year bday party at our home.
2. Go on a family trip
3. Read at least 3 books (Again)
4. Go on a family camping trip (these seem awfully appealing with a baby)
5. Take L to the beach
6. Plan a special 30th birthday for D basically this didn't happen because I was puking too much :(
7. Grow my private practice (aka actually have income)
8. Enroll preschool
9. Continue being healthy
10. Become pregnant with our second child
11. Take L to the SF MOMA
12. Make L a train table for his Birthday
13. Do monthly dates with D- and actually go out- do not stay home and clean!
14. Grow vegetables in pots
15. Wean L from nursing (we are so close)
16. Get L to fall asleep without walking/nursing/driving down (having some success but not consistently)
17. Complete a half-marathon (13.1)
18. Organize the house
19. Eliminate Junk
20. Get a gardener (we can go back and fourth about being capable of cutting the grass and blowing the leaves regularly, but we never do, it's time for a change)
21. Take a family photo (or a few)
22. Wear a dress to work (this seems pointless but, I want to incorporate non pant items as professional wear)
23. Finish watching The Wire (just started the third season- totally addicted- Omar blows me away)
24. Use my Bikram Yoga Groupon
25. Eliminate Debt
26. Save at least $250.00 every month and rebuild our savings
27. Potty Train L (I keep putting this off)
28. Be able to park in our garage
29. Grow out my hair and go more blonde
30. Go out without D and L more often

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