Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1st is my January 1st

So today is my new beginning- I decided sometime in January, after I seeing the crazy path ahead, that starting March 1st everything would begin coming together and I would get on track with positivity and self care.  So...

Today I began running again- I had only ran a handful of times in the last few months and it was really effecting me.  I was sluggish, tired, unmotivated, just felt overall unhealthy.  I will also do some strength training again since it's helpful with reducing running injuries.

And I am happy to report we are fully moved in (obviously not everything is in it's permanent place, but we are feeling comfortable here), we have also signed the lease and our tenants are moving in to our old place.  Our pup is in his new home (though it might not be his permanent home), and my private practice is about to start.

I pretty much have an office, opened my business account, got a phone number, and have everything else ready to go once I get the confirmation that the office is mine.  I am so excited to be starting my own business- but I have a glimpse of all the work owning a business can bring.  All the little things that just came with being employed by someone else are now my responsibility- all my own paperwork, website, administrative stuff, furniture, insurance, marketing, billing, schedule...yeah and thats before actually doing the work- seeing clients.

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