Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Making Progress

We are officially coming to the end of one of our most trying weeks- D getting over a cold, family gatherings (not a bad thing but certainly stirs things up and uprooted us for the travel), L being sick, L teething something awful, L having the most outrageous tantrums (hopefully due to not feeling well- because I am not prepared for this to be how he is), and me eventually getting sick (and at the worst time...).  I'm just trying to keep my eye on the prize...

BUT, we have made some progress with our finances.

1. Get quotes on car and home insurance Still need to do more searching, because right now it seems we have the cheapest available options
2. Switch to cheaper health insurance plans We cut our insurance cost by 2/3s!!!  Obviously sacrificing coverage and gaining higher deductibles.  But we hardly go to the Dr and even if we because seriously ill it wouldn't cost too much more then paying the full cost of the more inclusive insurance.  Now we are eligible for an HAS and I need to look into that
3. Decrease going out for food (restaurants, fast food, coffee shops, etc) This is happening
4. Make more mindful grocery choices This is also happening
5.  Use what's in the pantry This is also happening
6. Utilize the library (more) Haven't had the opportunity- only reading exam books
7. Obey the budget! Within reason... Struggling with this one
8. Eliminate debt This is also happening
9. Eliminate stuff (garage sale, ebay, craigslist) Still need to do
10. Search for cheapest places to buy products we use regularly- possibly buy in bulk So far have found Trader Joe's to be the best option- I have so much love for that store.

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