Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Days off...

L and I ended up staying home on Monday since his fever spiked up to 102.8.  It still seems to just be teething.  Tuesday I headed to work, but about 2 hrs into the day daycare called- L needed to be picked up, he was inconsolable.  Those upper teeth are no joke.  Plus I thought 7 1/2 months was a good time to experiment with reintroducing dairy in my diet- FAIL.  The dreaded dairy poop returned and he has been blowing up the place.

The more I am away from work, the harder it is to go back- and L is so fun right now.

Over the weekend we celebrated D's dads bday.  L is starting to show some stranger anxiety as he made the most amazing sad faces when family came up to coo over him.  Drop offs at daycare are getting harder emotionally- L cries and does his best sad face- even if someone is holding him when I leave.

I am almost done with my couch to 5K torture adventure.  I can officially jog for 28 min, but very slowly.  So after I finish the 9 week program I will have to pick up the pace if I really want to complete the 5k distance.  Working out and eating healthy has much more meaning to me now that L is around, and especially because I will be battling for VBACs with my future children.

These next few weeks are going to busy ones- it seems like every weekend we have plans.  I think D and I will have to plan a vacation before we burn out.

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