Wednesday, April 27, 2011

8 Months Oh My!

This is our sad attempt at L's 8 month photo shoot.  D once again was going out of town for work and had to leave by noon today- which meant so much to do before he left.  L actually turned 8 months on Easter Sunday sadly no time for pictures that day- I guess the one's from Saturday can count....

Oh My! is just the right statement for this monthly milestone.  Mr. Man you are doing so much- you started to crawl, but interestingly enough aren't too interested in perfecting the crawl.  Instead it seems that you just want to climb and start to walk!  You take every opportunity to pull yourself up, climb on me and daddy, the crib (which we lowered today for this very reason).  You love to babble and have the da da sound down- still waiting for you to melt my heart with a ma ma.  You are still the most gorgeous thing I haver ever seen

Look at that red hair!!!!

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