Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Good Stuff

So I'm 21 weeks and feeling much better (yet still struggling certain days with the nausea and fatigue).  And we found out that our next little one will be a GIRL.  We are very excited, everyone including us had desire for a little sister for L.  And I get to use the name that I have been wanting to use for L before we knew he was a he.

We also found a wonderful doula- she is not cheap, but she gets it, has the perfect personality to be tough with me when I'm in pain, and to be assertive with the hospital staff.  Yes, it appears we will be birthing at the hospital instead of at home.  Honestly, I am too fearful of having a catastrophic rupture- if that happened in a home birth baby would die.  The risk is very low, but I'm afraid, and low risk doesn't mean I wont be the one that it happens to.  Who knows if we change our minds before the birth, but right now that is the plan.

We decided we will not try to move this next year.  So now we will paint some of the rooms white (yes white, because this rental is an ugly off white, yellowish neutral that makes my skin crawl.  Oh and it's all glossy, every single room, gross!).  We are also going move L into the other room so baby girl will have a nursery.  I know she may not be in it right away, but I think it's important to have it set up and ready so we can start getting her used to a crib very early.  We plan to try different things with her in hopes that she will sleep better then L.

I'm very excited for Xmas this year with L.  He is already so into it, loving the outdoor lights, saying "merry christmas", watching the 1964 Rudolf movie.  My favorite thing so far this xmas has been buying books to read to L.  This sweet bookstore in town just makes me want to curl up in the corner and read to him all day.  Plus I don't know how many more times I can read some of the books we have.  Lets just say there are several stories L can "read" because he has memorized them.

Above are a few pics, for some reason we have only taken instagram/iphone photos int he last 5 months...First is L listening to the baby with Babkas stethoscope, next is L being a "helicopter pilot", then L at Fairyland on the train in his new hat, and last is L with his friend being utterly adorable together.

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  1. Congrats, mama! I've been following your blog since you shared the link in the August 2010 birth club. I also have an August 2010 son and am expecting an April 2013 daughter. You are my doppelganger! :o)