Friday, June 1, 2012


We are officially weaning and it's making me a little sad/mopey.  Yay for hormone changes!

Right now L is only being nursed in the morning.  We decided to cut out all night time nursing first because we think it will help him sleep and also be able to soothed by someone else besides me (like daddy).  He seriously wakes up and cries and screams "booby!".

In other news I'm really struggling with L's behavior towards other children- he basically hates them/fears them/hits them.  And I know it's not out of aggression or rage- it's so clearly because he is fearful and mistrusting of other kids.  This makes me incredibly sad- I wish my little baby could have a few more months/years of being truly "innocent".  I don't think he should have to be so weary and cautious of new situations/people this young.  It's hard for me not to wonder how this temperament and these traits will evolve as he grows.  And I wish everyone would stop telling me how "normal" his behavior is...because where are all these other supposed "normal" kids.  I have probably seen one or two children act like L- out of A LOT.  Maybe their moms never bring them out because their kids hit and it's too much.

L had his early well baby Dr visit today.  We are so lucky and I randomly picked a great pediatrician.  L is also still growing along the same curve except in height.  He had a huge gain in height and is now in the 94th percentile (usually was hovering around the 50th).  L did whack a girl in the waiting room with his toy bus...I can't help but feel bad for the other kids he hits because he was so impacted by being hit.

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