Tuesday, April 24, 2012

20 months!

Today L turns 20 months- full toddlerhood, starting the "terrible" two's, talking up a storm, running with no fear, learning patience, getting ready to potty train, being able to be away from me more, lover of hugs, constant kisser, continual demander of booby, amazing-adorable-f*cking fantastic little guy.

L now calls D and I "mommy and daddy"- graduating from mama & dada- he says "no" A LOT.  But recently the way he says "no" as evolved and I kinda adore hearing him say it.  So it's less frustrating cause he is so damn cute.

People are always saying he needs a little hair cut but D and I don't feel it's necessary- we like watching his little waves and curls form- maybe before he turns 2.  We had a housewarming party this weekend but didn't take a single picture!  L started to learn everyone's name at the party and loves to repeat them.  He has also been bouncing back and forth from awesome sleeper to terrible sleeper.  I think his 2 year molars must be making an appearance because he is chewing on everything.

Wheels are turning for his 2 year birthday party- it's nice to have a home with a very usable back yard.  Hopefully before June I can start L in swimming lessons.  He likes to lay in the bathtub on his tummy and say swim while kicking in the water- seems like he is ready.

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